Symphony mobile model-L55i।Review

symphony mobile


Internal memory=32mb+32mb

Display=2.4”qvga display

Camera=0.3mp camera



Expandable memory=up to 32 gb

Sim= dual[regular sim]


Multimedia=mp3,3gp,wireless FM










Internal memory=32mb+32mb

Expandable memory= up to 32gb


Data services=GPRS


3.5 mm jack=yes


Capacity= 1800mAh


Stand by time=300hours

Taik time=10hours



Color=black,light blue,red

Multimedia= wireless FM

Special features= big torch,vibrator, battery saver, dedicated music key


Where to buy= symphony store

Samsung mobile model-galaxy s10।review

samsung galaxy-s10 review


Screen size- 5.8”

Rounded corrneer-5.6”

Camera- multiple subject, low light condition, bening of out focus,moving subject.

Wireless powershare- wpc qi wireless charging. Such galaxy s9, s9+,s8, s8+, s8 active, s7, s7 edge, s7 active, s6,s6 edge,s6 active, s6 edge +,note 9,note 8,note FE, Note 5.

And same  galaxy watch active, gear sport, gear s3, galaxy watch, galaxy buds.

Charging 2.0 cureenty.

10w+ wireless charging.

Wi-fi protocols, wl-fl6.

Adobe Photoshop।photo softwear review

softwear review

There are so many softwear to take photos or pictures.

Among them, adobe photoshop softwear is the best of all.

All of them use it. I use it.

The picture is an important thing that everyone needs.

There is no man who does not need a picture.

Just do not have pictures. It will be good pictures again.

So the picture needs to be beautiful. Impressed and not so beautiful?

That’s why a good softwear is needed.

Today I’ve brought you a softwear that is available on every computer. This woftwear name is adobe photoshop. You all know about this softwear. The softwear is all that is needed for the beautiful or sort of picture. You can do everything you want to cut or attach to the picture.

What does this softwear have to do with or what key functions.

* Buy softwear first or download free version.

* Install softwear.

* There are many options under the file option.

* He has the Eidit menu. There are under the menus.

You can eidit the image just like your mind.

Many functions.

Eg: collar setting, definebrush, purge etc.

* Next there is the image menu. This menu contains the under. Multiple options

For example, mode, adjustments, rotate canvas and many more options.

* layer menu Under this menu there are many more options including new, duplicate, new full layer. With which you can make your picture more beautiful.

* Select menu. Collirlange this under the menu

* filter menu offers many options under this menu.

* The view menu is zoomed to zoom in.

* Then there are windows menu. This menu is under the covers.

Many tools, option and many more options.

• If you have any problem while using these softwear.

• There is help menu for that. You can find any issues related to the pictures from this menu.

Learning Adobe Photoshop allows you to earn well online.

Work on the website of the different websites can earn money.

This softwear is also required for working in the data entry of different companies.

 If you want to learn graphic degain. You will need this softwear.

Many online jobs like this are posted in freelance marketplace. They can apply for all the work.

It would be better if you buy softwear without money and by money.

Adove photoshop is a few marketplaces that can get work done.

Such as upwork, freelancer, fiverr, guru, pepolehour etc

New Video downloader apps review

Apps review

We have come up with a new app in front of you.

The name of the apps is x video downloader 2019

You can download any video through Apps.

Apps You Can Find Your Video Through Search

Video website over 1000 is connected.

Can download any size video.

At the same time you can watch the video.

How to download video?

1. May 1 install apps. After him started.

2. The video you want to download. Chill it over.

3.Then download icon.

4. Then click on the silicone.

Your download will begin.

• Through this apper you can download videos from facebook / instragam / tiwtter / whatsapp /.

• You can find videos by searching with keywords.

• Mp4,3gp, m4a, flv, mov, wmv, mkv format by download

• You can download large video files.

Rating: ****

Go to the Appstore search search by xvideo downloader 2019 and you will find your apps. dwonload from google apps store.

Google free services google reviews

website reviews

Today, I will try to give detailed information about Google.

Google is a search engine. This search engine is the best and easy to use. There are many categories of Google search.

The categories are given below

1. Web search: Search results by any one word and the results of the search will expose the Google data from the website.

2.Video search: When you search this you will get video information. Find all the videos through this search. search: You can search in this category to know the news. Old, new, know the news of this moment.

4.image search: You can search in this category to get any kind of picture.

Find all these pictures. Get along with the size. That’s what Apapa wants

Can download

5.maps search: To search the map of any place on earth, you can search in this category. Image search is the most popular on this site. search: You can find books by searching in Google Now. You can get almost all new types of books in Gogul. Books that read books regularly. This search category is most important for them. You can also buy books from here. search: You can search in this category to know all the economics.

Here’s all the news and information about the economy.

What services does Google offer? search engine: It uses around 70% of people around the world.

Web masters submit their website to Google to get their website traffic. Slowly gets good traffic from here.

About 90% of the information is available in Google. chorme: Need a browser to run the internet.

There are browsers that run the internet. Among them google chorme

Very popular. Internet speeds are also available. I use it.

It has different versions for computer, mobile, laptop, tape.

You can use it free. The most popular way to get information, files, and contacts is Gmail. You can use Google’s Eye Service free.

Gmail has 15 GB of storage. It is quite popular to everyone.

4.Android: There is no such person in the world that he has no android mobile. Android mobile is now quite popular as a computer. It is now available to buy mobile phones in Gurgaon. It is now ranked 1st among mobile companies. You can buy mobile from Google if you want. They export mobile phones in all countries. I’m also using a mobile.

5.Youtube: The Internet has the websites to watch videos. Among them, YouTube is the most popular. 80% of the people enter YouTube to watch the video. Has YouTube

Movies, News, Sport, Funny, Tiutaryal, 360 Degrees, TV, Live and many more videos. If you want, you can upload your own video on the site and earn money through your own money. adsense: There are more advertising companies on the internet. Among them the best of google adsense Your website or YouTube channel can make good revenue by displaying ads. 70% of webmasters use it. drive: It’s a free drive like your computer drive. There are 15 gigabytes of space. You can keep whatever you want. It is quite popular. adwords: This website allows you to advertise your website.

It allows you to recharge keywords.

This is absolutely free. maps: You will see a map of any place in the world. Through this service. It can be seen by mobile, tablet and apps. This service is completely free. pixel: A video record with mobile, a mobile phone with the best camera for photographing is a pixel. It is with android mobile.Pixel mobile If you buy this phone you will not have to buy the camera. It’s enough.

11.chromebook: is a Linux laptop. Its operating system is chrome and AS.

12. google public dns: The best DNS service provider is Google’s publicDNS, it provides website resolution.

13. google news: Through this all you can get more news including tech, sports, world. You can wear this news in 60 languages.

14: blogger: If you want to write a website on the free website, this platform is for you. Now 60% people use it. If you want to write, you can make a free blog here. doces: This is an office service. You can do documents, seats, presentations and edits from Google Drive. book:

Through this service you can read and buy any type of book. There are almost all kinds of books here. translate: Through this service you can translate any language, word.

You can use these services for free.